Do you value getting personalized attention and feedback?
Want to take private lessons but find them too expensive?

An Mpowered Review is your answer!


Mpowered Reviews are like mini private lessons at a huge discount! Where private lessons can cost upwards of $150, an Mpowered Review costs only $25!

All you have to do is record and send up to a 60s video of yourself practicing or dancing, and you will receive useful personalized tips that will improve your movement and expression so you can continue your practice with proper technique and form.

You can send your video via Google Drive, YouTube, or private Facebook/ Instagram message.


Get your Mpowered Review for only $20 when you purchase it at the same time as any of the courses on this platform.

To claim your discounted Review, please choose your course first. You will see an option to add an Mpowered Review before checkout.
"It is very helpful to receive suggestions of exercises and things to look out for. Magna points out things I would never notice on my own and I have seen measurable results from referencing my Mpowered Reviews."

- Kristin

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Terms & Conditions

  • Mpowered Reviews expire 30 days after purchase.
  • You must submit your video within 30 days to receive a review.
  • Mpowered Reviews purchased at a discount with a course must include material relevant to the selected course.
  • Please allow 1 week to receive your personalized feedback.